2 Pack Combo Compatible HP21XL/HP22XL (1BK/1COL) ink cartridges

  • Part Number: IHP21/IHP22


Set of 2 compatible HP21XL/HP22XL (1 x Black/Colour) ink cartridges

For use with: Deskjet 3910, Deskjet 3918, Deskjet 3920, Deskjet 3930, Deskjet 3940, Deskjet 3930v, Deskjet 3940v, Deskjet D1460, Deskjet D1560, Deskjet D2360, Deskjet D2460, Deskjet F2100, Deskjet F2110, Deskjet F2120, Deskjet F2180, Deskjet F2200, Deskjet F2235, Deskjet F2275, Deskjet F2276, Deskjet F2280, Deskjet F4100, Deskjet F4180; Deskjet F4185, Deskjet F300, Deskjet F340, Deskjet F350, Deskjet F370, Deskjet F380, PSC 1401, PSC 1402, PSC 1403, PSC 1408, PSC 1410, PSC 1415, PSC 1410v, PSC 1410xi, Fax 1250

HP21 XL Capacity: 17ml

HP22 XL Capacity: 15ml

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